Bubba's CYPRESS SPOONS, Only $8, Collect 'Em All!

Nothing cooks better than a wooden spoon and we are mighty proud to offer our unusual cypress spoon collection.

Southern style cooking is synonymous with Southern hospitality. Whether its grits or greens, crawfish, shrimp, oysters, possum, coon, nutria, or alligator sauce piquant, Southern cooking is a reflection of our southern life and ways.

Our spoons have been shipped to cooks all over the world, for sure as your dog will bark at the moon, these spoons will help you cook a real Cajun meal. All of Bubba's Spoons™ are made of cypress, individually hand crafted in our factory. With reasonable care they can be passed down through many generations. Great attention goes into making each and every piece, and because each spoon is individually made by hand, no two spoons are alike.Everything we offer is handmade by real Cajuns and has been for almost 30 years. Great care has gone into the making of each of our spoons. Our commitment is to provide quality products with great attention toward customer satisfaction.

Our commitment is to provide quality products with great attention toward customer appreciation. Our Large Gumbo Spoons are ideal for stirrin' that big batch of chili or Gumbo. Also our Paddles are perfect for stirrin' huge vats of crawfish or jambalaya. At COOKIN' SPOONS , you can see our entire line up close, which includes Bubba's Stirrin' Stics™ and Real Cajun™ Cookin' Spoons.

All of our spoons are made by hand by Bubba, aka Jimmy. We take a lot of pride in the making of our spoons.


What's So Great About Cypress?

Well, from the very beginning of Louisiana's history, there was the magnificent cypress. Possessing a distinctive and unforgettable beauty, the cypress has a mystery intriguing the imagination. Because this durable hardwood resists rot, our Cajun ancestors used cypress to build houses, boats, and of course cookin' spoons. Built 200 years ago, many of these are still in existence today throughout Louisiana.

Bubba says: "We hope you enjoy cooking with our Real Cajun™ Seasonings and Kitchen Gadgets and Bubba's Spoon Collection. Any questions, just use our Contact Form and we'll try to answer you as quick as we can.

Bubba says If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Each spoon is branded with our Real Cajun brand.